18 October 2017 CE | 27 Muharram 1439 AH

Hadith Explanation

Eeman Is The Judging Criteria

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “A time will come when it will be said about a man how intelligent he is, and how cool he is, but there won’t be a single grain of eeman in his heart.”

This is one of the minor signs of the Day of Judgement. Today we see that people in many walks of life are admired as being cool or brilliant; athletes, pop stars, actors, scientists, businessmen, entertainers, politicians, etc. Yet these are often people who exhibit no morality, conscience, character or taqwa. When the people that we look up to are devoid of the fear of Allah, undoubtedly our behaviour will model theirs. We should seek refuge with Allah from making people who have no eeman in their hearts our role models.

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