05 July 2019 CE | 03 Dhul-Qadah 1440 AH

Hadith Explanation

Enormous Potential

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “A Momin (righteous) woman’s good deeds are equivalent to the good deeds of seventy Siddiqeen men. And a Fajir (sinful) woman’s bad deeds are equivalent to the bad deeds of a thousand sinful men.” [Bazzar: Kashf-ul-Astaar]

Siddiqeen come after prophets in their rank and good deeds. They are of a higher status than even Momineen. This hadith tells us that women play a critical role in society as a result of which their piety has the good consequences equivalent to the piety of seventy Siddiqeen.  

To be Muttaqi (have Taqwa of Allah) means to guard oneself from doing bad deeds and fulfill one’s Faraid and Wajibaat, out of awareness of Allah. When a woman is Muttaqi, not only does she save herself from bad deeds, but is also the cause of keeping many other people away from sins, most notably her children and husband. The effect of her piety is transmitted from generation to generation as her influence over her children’s character determines the upbringing of their children in turn, and so it goes on till the Day of Judgement.

Because of a woman’s sensitive position in society, her evil also has far-reaching consequences. So an evil woman’s sinning has been equated to the sinning of a thousand sinful men. To keep away from sins is more important for Taqwa than to do surplus good deeds. For example, if a woman prays, fasts, and reads the Quran but does not protect herself from the eyes of non-Mahram men; or if a woman prays, fasts, and reads the Quran but also has a foul mouth and frequently quarrels; or if a woman prays, fasts, and reads the Quran but also watches objectionable material on TV, then her good deeds will not bear fruit. It is just like consuming milk, fruits, nuts and vegetables but then drinking kerosene oil or petrol on top of it. The nutritious food will not be able to do any good. Hence, keeping away from evil is necessary to extract any benefit from one’s good deeds.

Dear sisters! Repent of your bad deeds today and you will enjoy the ever increasing rewards of Jannah inshaAllah!

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