19 February 2014 CE | 17 Rabbi al-Thanni 1435 AH

Hadith Explanation

Greatest Pleasure is in Prayer

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Two things of this world are beloved to me: perfume and women; but my greatest pleasure is when I am engaged in prayers.” [Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal]

When Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) becomes more beloved to one than any of the things of this world, then one finds greatest pleasure in communicating with one’s beloved through prayer.

May Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) make us one of those who love Him more than anything else in life.

The feeling that one enjoys as a result of this love can be communicated no better than the condition of health can be communicated to one who has always been sick. The symptoms of health can be described but the feeling of energy and vitality can only be understood with its experience.

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