14 February 2014 CE | 12 Rabbi al-Thanni 1435 AH

Hadith Explanation

Have You Called Him for Salaat

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “I order you to do four things… To believe in Allah, testifying that there is no God except Allah and I am the Messenger of Allah; to establish the Salaat; to pay Zakaat; to give me one fifth of the booty (Khumus – to be spent in Allah’s Cause).” [Sahih Bukhari]


Umar (radi Allahu anhu) was stabbed by an assassin while he was leading the Salaat in congregation. He was covered with a sheet of cloth and was lying unconscious.


One of his closest friends came to visit him and asked his situation from the people around him: “How is he?”


They replied: “As you see, he is unconscious.”


Umar’s (radi Allahu anhu) friend asked them: “Have you called him for Salaat? If he is alive, nothing can wake him up but Salaat.”


Thereupon, the people around him exclaimed: “Salaat, O Ameer-ul Mumineen! The congregation has already offered Salaat.”


These words were definitely effective because Umar (radi Allahu anhu) opened his eyes and said: “Really? I swear that who abandons Salaat does not have any share from Islam!”


He stood up, and offered his Salaat while he was bleeding profusely. [Haithami]


Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) says: “And perform Salaat and be not of the Mushrikeen (polytheists).” [Quran: Surah ar-Rum, Ayat 31]

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