development model


ASI combine effective business solutions with a unique Global Development Model to deliver custom software solutions to help you realize your true business potential. Our Global development methodology uses the following approach:

Offsite/Global Model
The first tier includes a Global Project Services Center, which is the point-of-contact for the customer. The Project Services Team, manages:


The second-tier Project Execution Center is stationed Global at the client side. The Global center includes a development team also headed by a Project Manager. The Project Execution team is involved in:

The offsite team does most of the design and deployment while the Global team does development & testing.

Onsite/Global Models
Where the nature of the project involves intense collaboration or interaction on a continual basis or there is a customer specific requirement, an onsite presence is maintained.

The onsite manager works from the customer site and coordinates project related aspects with the Global Development Center (ODC) and the customer. This onsite presence may involve a single resource or an entire project services team, depending on the nature, size, and complexity of the development initiative. The important features of this approach are: