Global development benefits


Flexibilty In Staffing Levels And Skill Sets

No one likes to lay off staff, but the unpredictable nature of demand sometimes requires it. On the other hand, recruiting candidates with the appropriate skill sets and experience and bringing them up to speed in your environment can be a daunting and time-consuming proposition - diverting resources from your core mission.

Outsourcing companies like ASI have more projects and can thus manage staffing capacity much more efficiently. If you don't need our developers anymore, we just reassign them to something else. Outsourcing allows you to transform your IT budget from a fixed to a variable cost.


There are three broad areas of IT expertise

Your company may be good at all of these things or at none of them. IT outsourcers may also be good at all three or at none of them. The market is fragmented and it's hard to judge quality unless you already know somebody who has worked with a company before. One way to find out would be to hire a consultant who can assess the outsourcer. Another way is to execute a short pilot project with the outsourcer. If you are considering a long-term relationship, either may be a smart investment.


Global software development is synonymous with flexibility. When facing a large project but of short duration, you can use Global programming to limit the number of new employees and administrative support personnel. ASI allows you to double the number of programmers you have access to and better yet, we are just a phone call away.

Cost Benefits

For start-up companies, the benefits of Global software development can be monumental for the simple fact that it allows you to go farther on your VC funding. The costs of Global software development are much lower than hiring programmers to fulfill your design. Our past experience with our international clients makes us very confident that we will deliver the best possible quality, at significant cost savings to you, every time! . Global outsourcing price-wise is hard to beat.


Global development offers another major advantage: independence. Most software vendors or investors cannot conduct independent analyses of their own or their competitors' products. ASI not only performs development work but also can obtain the competition's software for evaluation purposes for clients. This ability allows us to ask the questions you want answered and not disclose client identity.