why ASI


"Our vision, philosophy, motto is to meet every agreed expectation of the customer within time and budget everytime...."

The key to successful Global outsourcing for your project lies in the selection of an experienced & technically qualified Global software development service provider. ASI is a flexible organization and has policies, which are to the highest degree customer-centric. An Global development partner must satisfy a number of critical technology, management and business criteria. ASI has all the essential ingredients of a successful software out-sourcing partner.

24x7 Support & Maintenance

ASI’s dedicated service center is equipped with a 24x7 hotline, teleconferencing equipment, a relevant technical knowledge base, and detailed information for every project on support. Our remote monitoring suite allows us to respond instantaneously to any technical problems.

Near to the ground cost

Our company tries to help its clients reduce the overall IT project (solution) costs. Doing that we also take care not only of cutting custom software development expenditures, but also the ones associated with technical support and maintenance.


The team of ASI hails from IITs. All of our team members have several years of expertise developing customized, fully integrated systems in a variety of Industrial standards. We've had experience with a variety of solutions using up-to-the-minute technologies available.

Project Management

We leverage our excellent communication with our Global sites to your advantage. Our project managers interface between you and our Global management teams.

Management Expertise

ASI is led by highly qualified and experienced technocrats who bring with them several years of experience in the field of business consulting, software design and development. The promoters have extensive experience working in the IT industry.

Significant Experience in Global Developement

ASI has executed several Global software development projects and also has extensive product development experience having worked with various product companies.

Development Infrastructure

ASI has a state-of-the-art software development infrastructure for Global Software Development. The centrally air-conditioned office space has the facilities of a world-class working environment. A UPS and a generator back up round-the-clock power supply as well.


Client interaction is of utmost importance for the success of an Global software development project. Information transfer from the Client to Global team (and vice-versa) is done using e-mail, chat, FTP and conference calls. In addition, clients are also sent weekly status reports of their projects keeping them abreast of all the latest developments.

Quality Assurance

ASI implements the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process that addresses the quality assurance needs at every phase of the development cycle. Our QA team has developed a focused quality control checklist which ensures that every solution delivered by us measures up to the highest possible international standards.